What you can exepct from us, and what we need from you.

The candidate-Recruiter relationship:

 ► It is our goal to gain the confidence and respect of every candidate we work with.  It is our obligation to be honest and treat each 
candidate/job-seeker with respect.
 ► All information obtained from our interview process, including a formal résumé, is held in the strictest confidence, and NEVER 
shared with any client without the expressed authorization of the candidate.
 ► Our assessment of your qualifications for our current search positions is based on our years of experience in the industry, and most 
importantly, on our thorough understanding of the client’s needs.  Not every candidate is appropriate for every opening.

The Client-Recruiter relationship:

 ► Establishing a two-way commitment for ongoing communication is essential for success. 
With this in place, we will be successful.
 ► Every search is different for every client. Often, position needs change during the search 
process. The better informed we are, the more successful we will be.
 ► We look for feedback on presented résumés within twenty-four hours. This allows us to more thoroughly understand the specific 
candidate profile that will work for each client. We can then refine our search efforts accordingly.
 ► Maintaining your confidentiality is imperative. Any corporate information clients share with us to help enable our search efforts is 
held in the strictest confidence. In addition, all candidates actively interviewing with our clients expect strict confidentiality from both
the employer client and us. We guarantee this on both our and our client’s behalf.